Our philosophy:

That any person, whether professional or not, can begin sports practice without risk of injuries, with a broad knowledge of their abilities and the guidelines to follow

Advise the athletes and their trainers, so that the athlete reach excellence and maximum performance in their sporting discipline.

Provide the necessary tools for the athlete or personal trainer to implement the medical conclusions of the study, 365 days a year.

To be able to reach 20% more of the performance of the athlete, as a result of the training in height (min. 900 meters)

How do we do it?

Through an interdisciplinary work methodology, among different professionals, in the center we will analyze and revise the habits of life of each individual, which must allow the improvement of the health and the quality of life of the athlete.

We will study and analyze the following:

- Strengths and shortcomings of each individual.
- Opportunities and disadvantages.

In order to favor its performance as well as analyze and implement those elements that allow improving and increasing its performance.

Our working methodology

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Study Sart-up

With all the data obtained, through an initial survey, carried out at our technification center, we can obtain a start-up study.

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The blood test is a test that aims to assess the general state of the athlete. Together with your medical history, it will help us to solve very important issues.

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The effort test is a procedure widely used in sports medicine. Consists of the evaluation of the body's response during the exercise.


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The detection and treatment of gluten intolerance promotes sports performance, as it is shown that gluten intolerance directly affects digestive processes, causing fatigue and low performance during training.

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It is a study that is responsible for the measurement of body composition through the study of the anatomy of the athlete and his movement, in order to determine his ability for the function and movement in sports.

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The study of the inertial resistance, serves to measure the muscular resistance.
Through a series of explosive exercises we can analyze the speed and power of the muscle.


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With the data of all the tests carried out, in the first phase of the study, our personal trainer will elaborate a complete and detailed report with the conclusions to follow for each athlete, focusing on training.


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Biomechanics aims to know the answers that our body has to the idea of movement and how it reacts to it. Biomechanics in sport studies the mechanics of movement and the locomotive apparatus.

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Nutrition plays a key role in sports performance. A correct dietary strategy  with a well-structured training plan helps achieve the appropriate body composition for each sporting activity and prevent injuries and contribute to achieving the objectives proposed.

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Invisible training is added to the daily training of athletes and is based on physical, physiological and metabolic recovery through rest, in order to ensure a good cognitive and psychological state.


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Sports Technification center in height



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Organization of sports stays



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Accommodation and accompaniment




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Sports advice and consultancy

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Sports events



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Representation of athletes and sports brands



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