What is our goal?

Advise athletes and collaborate with their trainers, so that the athlete achieves excellence and maximum performance in his sport discipline.

Technify the player, giving him the necessary tools, both technically and tactically.

Establish a routine training during the season, independent, but simultaneously in parallel to his Club / trainers, in order to reinforce his individually.

How do we do it?

Through an interdisciplinary work methodology, among different professionals, in the center we will analyze and revise the habits of life of each individual, which must allow the improvement of the health and the quality of life of the athlete.

We will study and analyze the following:

- Strengths and shortcomings of each individual.
- Opportunities and disadvantages.

In order to favor its performance as well as analyze and implement those elements that allow improving and increasing its performance.

Our working methodology

Project Title

Methodology / Medical unit

With all the data obtained, through an initial survey, carried out at our technification center, we can obtain a start-up study.

Project Title

Complete physical analysis

The complete physical analysis is intended to assess the general condition of the athlete. Along with your medical history will help us resolve issues very important.

Project Title

Study of the person's profile

To become a full player, behind, there must be a good physical, technical, tactical and psychological preparation.


Project Title

Student profile of the player

The objective of the study is to establish the qualities that the player must fulfill, in order to practice this discipline, in a professional manner, attaining maximum performance.

Project Title


With all the data obtained, we will apply to the field, the learning procedures, to improve the performance of the player. We will do it through three ways of learning.

Project Title

Knowing, wanting and acting

Through the values ​​offered by the sport practice, such as: effort, perseverance, concentration, self-sufficiency, control of emotions, We firmly believe that we can achieve all the goals that we propose as a player and as a person.

Xavi Moro

Former French-born player, nationalized in Spain, was a professional player for 18 seasons, including 10 seasons at FC Barcelona.
He is currently a football coach of first division teams and technical and sports director of our technification center.


  • National Soccer Coach Level 3

  • Higher Technical Technician of Soccer (Academic).
  • National Soccer Coach Level 2 (FEF).
  • National Soccer Coach level 1 (FVF).
  • Administration and business management at the University of Barcelona.
  • Member of the AGRUPACION of Former Players of F.C Barcelona (ABJ).
  • Scouting.


Services aimed at professional players:
Permanent Technification Center (365 days) Barcelona-Andorra.
Punctual clinics to improve specific aspects that arise during the season

Services aimed at non-professional youth:
Technological school supervised by Carles Rexach, under the technical direction of Xavi Moro.
Campus of technification (Christmas - Easter - Summer) Clinics.

Medical-sports advice.
Advice on behalf of athletes.
Accompaniment to the athlete and his family for stays out of their place of residence.

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